Need a certain background or overlay? I'll make it for you!

Hey! Are you in need of a specific background or overlay that isn’t available in the episode catalog? Leave me a request down below and I’ll let you know if I can make it happen!
I will need to know…

  • The specific details of the item (color, style, etc.)
  • The approximate size (if you aren’t sure, just tell me how many zones you want your background to be)
  • When you need this background/overlay by

That’s it! All I ask is that you give us CREDIT for the item.

Thank you!


How’s about some magical overlays and backgrounds?

Like a white wolf and black wolf and some magical powers stuff

And fantasy type background that glows lol

could you make me a blanket overlay
colour- light blue
size-1 zone
maybe by 3rd of september

  • The specific details of the item (color, style, etc.) - A teen male bedroom with rock posters, a few medals, baseball bat, tons of books and a dog bed. The main colors are blue, black and white
  • The approximate size (if you aren’t sure, just tell me how many zones you want your background to be) - 1920/1136 (three zones)
  • When you need this background/overlay by - Around September 5th. But really just take your time.

I found…

I was having some issues finding high quality pictures of black wolves, but I will keep looking.
Hopefully you can use some of these :blush:

Yes, I should have it done soon!

Alright, I will work on this!

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Specific details: A teen female bedroom background, preferably black as the main colour scheme.

Approximate size: 2-3 zones, whichever works better for you.

Deadline: I do not have a deadline, so you can take however much time you need.

And I definitely will give credit! Thank you very much. <3

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Hope this works!

Thank you!

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I’m so sorry, but are you working on my request? If you aren’t, I would like to cancel it. I’m so, so sorry for troubling you. I know this is so rude of me. :tired_face:

I haven’t started it yet, since there was no date and I was trying to catch up on other requests. I am so sorry, if you want to cancel it is fine, no worries.

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Why are you sorry? You’re literally making free backgrounds for strangers online. :rofl: But I will definitely bookmark this incase I need a background. Sorry again for cancelling so abruptly.


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question, I see people talking about zones in the comments for size, what do they mean and how or where do i determine the size i need? I’m making my first story (fantasy) so I’m so lost when it comes to overlays yet imma need a lot of them lol

1 zone is the smallest. It fills the size of your phone screen and requires no additional directing.
2 zones will fill 2 phone screens, meaning only half of the background will show. The first zone/half will always be displayed unless you use directing commands like @cut to zone 2 or @pan to zone 2.
3 zones will fill 3 phone screens, meaning only a third of the background will show. You can pan/cut to any zone, but again the default is zone 1.
Hopefully that made sense, it’s kind of hard to explain. For more details, I would recommend watching Joseph Evans’ YouTube tutorial about zones.

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alright, thank you! I’ll watch it

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Here is what I came up with, hope this works :slightly_smiling_face:

I love it. Thank you.

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