Need a cheerleading competition stage! 🤩

Hi y’all! In my story, the MC is attending a cheer competition, so I need a 3-panel background to use :blush: I have some examples below, but it basically needs mats and a flashy backdrop that says “State Cheerleading Competition” or “EpiStars State Championships” or something like that! Pereferably, the backdrop logo would be in zone 2 so I can code easier. (: Thank you!!



Hey, there are some background in Episode similar to these, you just need to edit them a bit. I can try to do that, although I’m not a professional editor. Would that be fine with you?

Oh wait actually, I have a better idea. I’ve found some copyright-free images of empty stages with lights. I can PM them to you

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That’s be awesome! Can you DM me? Thanks!