Need A Co-Author ASAP

Hi there.
I am an episode writer that has been planning a new story, but I’m prone to Writer’s Block and I’m not always the best at coding. If you would like to co-author my story, just let me know :slight_smile:

I would like to help, but I am unable to access a computer but I can edit stories from my iPad.

Thank you, but I need a co-author that would be able to help code the story as I’m not exactly the greatest and you can’t code on mobile devices (you know, phones, tablets/iPads). I appreciate your offer, though :slight_smile:

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Oh my God, I would LOVE to! But I won’t always be able to use my computer during Monday to Friday. But I’ll try in the weekends! :blush:

I would love to help you I’m pretty new but I am good with codings.

I could help, but I also am currently writing my own episode. I’m not a master but I do know more complex codes, if you consider me just reply to me! (I also use a computer to code.)

What kind of stories are you thinking of writing? I would love to help.

The story I have planned out is a Thriller/Horror/Mystery kind of story.

How do you co-author?

That could be interesting. I have an idea for one of those as well. Most of mine are romance, but my nephew said something that sparked an idea. I would love to collaborate if you are still looking for a co-author. I have many stories I’m working on on paper, but I haven’t gotten them on here yet. This could very well be the push I need to get me to finally share my own material.

I have in fact already found a co-author for this story - but I’d still love to collaborate on a new story with you, if you’d like to!

That would be great.

If you would like to, you could start planning an idea and we can go from there.

Any particular genre you have in mind?

Well you seemed interested in the Thriller/Mystery/Horror genre, so why not that?

Okay. I have some notes already for one, so I will send those your way soon and see what you think.

Sounds good! Looking forward to working with you!

Hey there, I was just wondering if you had the notes ready yet to show me? I can’t wait to get started on this story.

I have them on a notebook page, so I’ll need to type them up. I should be able to get them to you sometime tomorrow. Sound good?

Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: