Need a co-partner who good at mean joke (LIKE MEAN GIRL OR SCREAM QUEENS) and coding


The title say all =)) if you good at english else then okay.
My story is a story about 3 sisters who always mean, funny but rich, and their journey make take all of you on a lost of laugh.


I can’t help you, but I LOVE scream queens! Well season one, not two.


When you say mean jokes, do you mean sarcasm? If so, sarcasm is my mother tongue lol I fluently speak sarcasm. :smiley: I can also help you with shitty jokes hehe (I know I can do many things lol)
Never watched scream queens, but I know Mean Girls by heart


oh my god, do you want to inbox to more detail, cause I really need a co-partner who good at joke, and… my joke are like…