NEED A CO-WRITER ASAP (please reply)


I’m looking for an co-writer to write a story with me.
-A person of color (preferably)( Its related to theme of story)
-know advance and basic coding (zooms,spot directing,etc.)
-funny and sense of humor
-cooperative and fun to work with
-MUST have an discord or an insta/ or be willing to get one or the other
If you fit these requirements comment down below
It would be a pleasure to work with you!


Well we won’t cowrite but we can make all your art! Please?


Sure pm me


I would love to co write :smiley:


What’s youre insta?


I just got locked out so right now im without insta :(:disappointed_relieved:


I can :grinning:


I’m interested


I’m interested and would love to help