Need a co writer ASAP [update:still looking]


I’m looking for an co-writer to write a story with me.
-A person of color (preferably)(but doesn’t have to be)
-know advance and basic coding (zooms,spot directing,etc.)
-funny and sense of humor
-cooperative and fun to work with
-MUST have an instagram
If you fit these requirements comment down below with your instagram!
It would be a pleasure to work with you! :grin:


I’m a POC, but I was wondering 1. Why does the person have to be POC and 2. What is your story about?


We are making a new story centered around pocs


Whats your instagram if you are interested.


I can be your Co-writer, as well I have instagram and know much


Whats your insta?


I can help with cover art, edit etc,but unfortunately, I cant help with writing because I have my own story to write, however, if you need someone to make art for you, my insta is @author.y.w