Need a co-writer & coder (limelight)

Hello everyone,

I am in need of a co-writer and coder for my story, as this is my first story I am not sure on how to code. So if anyone, can help develop the story alongside me that would be great!

for reference, this story is a slow burn romance/drama story. so if anyone has experience in writing in any of those genres it would be greatly appreciated!

Best Regards,
Stassi xx


me wanting to say yes but on quite a pro in coding yet… also me saying yes if you want

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@natalia.mayfield Hello! If you still need a co-writer and or coder I would be happy to do both if you would like! I love writing romance/drama and I love coding. I’m not super advanced in coding but I will surely get better in time.

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okay I would be happy to work with you! but you do know how to do like directing right?

@natalia.mayfield - By directing, do you mean spot directing, because yes, I do know how to do that. If that’s not what you meant, I’m sure I would be able to learn how to do the directing you meant. But if you need someone more advanced then me, I totally understand. :smile:

that is what I meant. do you know how to insert the points system? & when do you want to get started?

@natalia.mayfield - So I did some research with this point system and I think I understand it and I will be able to code it :slight_smile:. I can start whenever your ready, but starting next week it will take longer for me to code because I will be starting school. But I will still be able to code :smile:

okay where can I message you?

@natalia.mayfield - How about Instagram? would that work?

yes that would! my instagram is @stassiwrites

Ok, I will message you!

@natalia.mayfield - I believe I just messaged you on Instagram :smile:

yes I got your message!

Hey, Chrissy G I just wanted to know if you’re still available to help me code?

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Sure… I’m still not great at coding but I can try lol

okay practice makes perfect right? do you have instagram?

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Sorry I don’t :sweat_smile:

do you an email address? that we could talk to each other about this?

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Any coders?

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