Need a co-writer/coder

I’ve been working on a story for a while now. I have the characters, plot outline and dialogue ideas.
The only problem is…I’m a hopeless coder.
The story is called Follow4Follow and it’s about an Instagram Influencer, who suspects that somebody is following her.
I’d aim to outline each scene/episode for you to code. I’d also do all the proof reading etc.
Please message me if this sounds like something you’d be up for! Or just contact me with any questions.
Instagram: Hela.Episode

do you have a problem with the fact that someone might be in a different time zone then you ?

Not at all. I’m in England but there’s no deadline for the story, it’s just something I’d like to do in my free time :slight_smile:

oh i can do that! coz im in england as well and I do this in my free time!

How good are you with coding? :grin:

i guess kinda okay - i take a while and i think through everything i write.

i pretty much just learnt from ytube and the guides - and @Dara.Amarie on insta

Have you written any of your own stories? Or if we collab will this be your first

i’ve written a bunch of dummy ones - but now i’m writing one which i’m serious about - basically i’m serious about this one more than others…

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