Need a Co-Writer For a Secret Agent Story

Hey, I’m Olivia Opal.! I have decided to write a story but I need someone that is willing to do the directing and help me with the personalities of the characters. My story is a secret agent type of style with some Hunger Games type of qualities to it. I was thinking that we could dm each other our ideas and we could work together on making this story very interesting and be high quality. I feel it would be a fun and efficent way of making a story. So if you are looking to help on a drama secret agent story then just dm on Instagram. :slight_smile:
My insta is @olivia.stories .


Hi. I can help you with the directing and anything else you need.

hi can I help I love action, mafia, spy, gang stories

I’d love to be of assistance. I am able to give a few pointers on how to do these types of stories. I’m sure you’d be quite please with my ideas. Depending in what you’ve already done that it is.

Hi! I’d love to help! I won’t be active all the time, but I’ll always be there to proofread the story and help with writers block/ideas/personalities! my instagram is @author.y.q

Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: