Need a co-writer if your avalible

I dont know why i’m even bother to do this again but here goes nothing.

I really need a co-writer to write my story with me. I have tons of ideas and my coding is pretty good but i have a few rules

*If you do not have time or need some time off the story to do something else please make sure that you tell me.

  • Ditching is not an option, I have had many co-writers and part of the reason I haven’t written any stories is because every time i get a co-writer we start off really well and then they ditch me.

Those are my two any only rules so please if you cannot follow them then don’t reply to this because I think that those rules are very reasonable if you think they are not fair then you don’t have to be my co-author.

Goodbye and have a pleasant good night!

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I’m down :grin:
I agree with the rules

cool how would you like to do it

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There’s this one problem I don’t have ig so we’ve to talk here and discuss the other things :upside_down_face:


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So should I pm u



Hey I totally feel you. I myself am still in search of a co-writer and coder

If you want any ideas I could help

Hey I am expertisized in dialogs for episode stories and have plenty of example and I also have a degree on literature and dialogs so I can help u to write ur stories and I have plenty of time with me to write for u but I can’t pay for anything and I don’t know coding that’s two of my issues if u agree with me then @emily_avery_watson is my ig name U can dm me there

U still looking?

If you want i can help

Pls contact on @jhinuk439 at instagram

Yes I am

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i’m actually writing my first story and need a co writer

I’ll help you out

Thank you very much :blush:

you can pm me or talk on insta

How do you pm bc i’m new to the Community

hold on i misread what you said-