Need a co writer💛 ( read more for more info)

Hi!! I am Gloria, I am new to Episode so I do not know too much so I need a trustworthy partner
I currently have problems with instagram so add me on Snapchat if you are willing to help me
These are the requirements needed-

  1. You need to be good at coding and drawing
  2. Have patience as I am new and barely know this
  3. Speak and write fluent English
  4. Be above 12 I am 14 btw
    Also, I am not online that often cause I also have school but I am on Snapchat
    Thank you:)

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fill out the form plz if u want to join our team we have many coders but we are lacking in writers so if u would like to be a writer plz fill out the form

Hi I have filled out the form

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