Need a co-writer!


I have like 3 or 4 unpublished stories that I’m either scared to finish or scared to publish or I have writers block… If any of you would like to create a story from scratch, I feel I would be more confident or happy with The story…If that makes sense


I can help. Contact me on insta @shona_episode. If not pm me here. I would love to help you out with ideas


I would love to help! You can either DM me on Instagram: episode.zainab.official or just reply here!


Hey I’ll message you on instagram @alexya.episode


I could help you if you want with one of your started stories, I’m not good with co-writing (as in writing it together), but I do know how scary it can be to publish your story, I help a lot of people with their stories when they feel uncertain, and I know a lot of tricks to help te have more confidence in your work.

So if you need a boost or just feedback and tops, you can ask me any time <3