Need a co- writter for mafia story (solved)

Hello there,

I have recently started a story (read below the description) and i am horrible at writing normal- romance and all kind of chilling scenes. I am okay at coding so there is no problem on that.

I need a writing partner that can write those type of scenes with me so it doesn’t look too forward. There is no need to be an expert at coding, just know a few things about it.

If you are interested on helping me, please PM me here or DM me on instagram @mk.digitalillustrator ,or just answee here!


Alec is a 25 year old man raised in the mafia with one goal, one day, when the time comes, protect the boss’s daughter with his life. Sierra is the daughter of the mafia. Her and Alec were in love when after her father’s command, Alec left to take over the business in Italy.
During Sierra’s summer break from college, a new gang comes into town (LA), targeting her, her father thinks she is in grave danger and summons Alec back to become her bodyguard.
The two of them go back to college for Alec to find she now has a new boyfriend (main enemy) and then they try to keep their feelings hidden and away from each other when they are under the same roof.


Again, if you are interested if you know anyone that may be, please tag them or contact me through the given ways. Thank you!

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Do you need a writing partner to help you plot-wise or just for better dialogue or both? I can it but I’ll need some time until I finish my exams this week and maybe even next week too.

Heyyyy, just read your story blurb and it sounds super interesting :grin: !!! I’d love to help with this story in anyway I can!

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I will DM you to talk

I might be late but if you still need someone, I ca help :relaxed:

Hi, sorry i already found someone but if i need help in the future, i will make sure to text you!