Need a Coder/Director for my new story

Hi guys, I’m gonna need a coder and a director helper for my new upcoming story, “Have We Met Before.” Since the story is a romance, there will be certain things that need to be coded. My writing partner form is still open and you can just fill it out in the Coding or Directing slot

What do you mean by certain things ?
I might apply not sure yet :smiley:

so since the story is about two reincarnated teens, it’s this one scene that if you wear a certain thing, it reminds them about their past life and their past identity. So if u click on the golden choice, you have to find out the code

So do you need help with how to get a golden choice ?

Yeah, and I also need like a person that would help me with directing and other things, that’s why the forms are still open.

Oh yea , sorry i forgot about the form :laughing: ill fill it in now :heart:

Ok! Tysm :hearts: