Need a CODER for my story!

I would love to have someone on my side to help me with the coding of my story !

IF interested - pm me!!!

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

What is the plot

Ahh its a long one but in short

3 main characters ( BlackBurn - A Sergeant who believes in the enemy forces

Renko - A mysterious time traveling Captain from the past , future and present

And another Sergeant , who leads his squad in the battlefield.  - Recker )

Story name : Singularity

It seems interesting

Yeah it will be if i have a coder who can help me make it :smiley:

i would love to help

Give me a shot in PM :slight_smile:

okay :grin:

That’s such a cool cover! Is it 3D art?

Actually the cover is from another game but i changed a lot of things

The characters in the middle are edited as well

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