Need a Coder/Scripter

I need a coder/scripter as i tried to code some of the prologue scenes into my stories and i keep getting errors. Message me if your willing to help me

I’ll be more than happy to help! Text me details on my instagram: loosing_my_cool

pt., 21 cze 2019, 21:37 użytkownik Leon Calavera via Episode Forums napisał:

Moved to Find a Writing Partner. Make sure to check out our Forum Tutorial for more info about where to correctly create topics, and feel to PM me if there are any questions. :wink:

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It was in the wrong topic? Shoot! i didn’t even realize it, My Bad. I’ll keep that noted next time.

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No problem! It was just in Creator’s Corner, it happens. :wink:

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I just started using the forums three days ago, its been quite sometime since i have commented on forums of any sort so sorry bout that lol :blush:

I’m a pro coder. I’d love to help any time you want


You have any form of social media i can message you with? If not i can message you on here

I have Instagram
My avatar USB the same

Hey can you help me . I get stuck every time I try to code.

Sure PM me

M’kay! So basically, I know this requires A LOT of trust and collab, but does anyone want to partner up to werk on a story. I’m pretty diligent.

Few things you should know.

  1. I avoid cussing in my stories.
  2. I use Christian elements to semi evangelize. (I am a Christian)
  3. I do enjoy Romance.
  4. I try to write wholesome things, not crap like OOH MEAN GURL
  5. I like action and adventure, and fantasy…

If anyone is interested please contact me… I’m trying to build some ideas and hopefully publish something. Hope y’all have a great day. Btws- I kinda sound like a 40 yr old woman when I message, I AM NOT. I am a teen ( THank God). :slight_smile:

I can help if you need me, you can contact through gmail or hangouts…?

I’d love to help. PM me if ur intereted

hey I am also in need of a writing partner. I already have a story.