Need a coder to code my entire story!

I am currently writing my first story (almost done with the first episode)but I don’t know coding at all. I can’t learn how to code at the moment because I also have to focus on my studies.
If anyone is available to code my entire story then message down below.
Genre- Romance/Drama


Hey! What’s your story about?
I might consider coding for you if I like the plot~


i can help
im coding too as a beginer and it was hard at first,but if you go on youtube and search:
Joseph Evans
Episode notes
They helped me understand coding a bit more and if you still need help, i’m here!

Yeah I know but as I said above I need someone to code my entire story as I don’t have time to both write and code.

send me a dm on ig and we’ll talk more there cuz i can help you


This id doesn’t exist

send me yours


i sent you a message and i forgot that i changes my username. its @thequestionwriter

yes i have seen and responded

do you still need help?

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is your story apart of the contest or something?



My suggestions: If it’s not for the DL contest or anything like it, why don’t you finish your studies and then learn how to code properly? I mean, it does take a long time to learn to code and achieve the level of code-ness that you want, but, frankly, that’s just life. It may take long to achieve something, but with alot of practice and learning, it’ll be worth it. But hey, that’s my opinion.

Learning to code for yourself so you don’t have to rely or depend on others.

Plus, I don’t think many people would want to code your ENTIRE story unless you’ll be paying them.


yeah I agree with @ciaraxoxoc on this


@Sydney_H Pls close this.


Closed by OP request. :smiley: