Need a coding or writing partner

It does aint have to be a coding person you just need to be good at writing story

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heyyy, id love to help!
I’m also looking for a partner!

I’m very advance.

Found with:

Overlays, point system, checking points, multiple ends, advance directing, and few tricks and traits lol, etc! I’m also dedicated to my partner, and hoping to have a friend out of it, I also have a story stylist, she handles all the outfits <3 She’s incredibly sweet. She’s literally the best!

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Hey I will love to work with you guys I’m sorry I did ain’t reply earlier I busy now I have lot of time to work on it please let me know when can we start

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Instagram! Airam_episode

Can you help with a story with a female/male LL (you get a choice)

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@Kieran I’d love to help!
private message me ur portal login and details, and if u have a planning doc where u plan everything, u can add me to it

i need someone to give ideas for my new story pls pm