Need a coding partner for my story

Hello there!
I am writing my first story. I am very fast in grasping things and I have a very good story in my mind. I need extreme help with coding. I’ll definitely give credits to you. Also, we can follow each other on Instagram to know each other better.

I’m not a master coder but what kind of coding do you need

So its basically, starting with mainly with my mini introduction, i need help animating my overlays as well.
i also need suggestions regarding spot directing and all. it would be of great help to entertain different ideas.
and also some new effects which i dont know how to add.

i know (for the most part) overlays and spot directing

you’re probably better off with looking up a Joseph Evans tutorial

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lol yes i have

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lol idk

i’ll help if you want but if you want someone who can do more i won’t be offended


Sure. Thanks.

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