Need A Coding Partner💖

Hiya! I’ve been in the episode community for about 4 years (reading stories that is)! I know the basics of coding, but I felt like a lot more would be done if someone else was to help. So, who would want to help a basic beginner create and code her first story?! And, age wise, maybe keep it under 25, because I am fairly young. If you’re interested, either message me on here or on my Instagram which is @epy.elephant . Then, we can starting chatting! I have a couple ideas in mind, but if you also have a story idea you want to “put in action” we can also modify it! Thanks a bunch!:blush::stuck_out_tongue::sparkling_heart::heartpulse: Love you all.

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I’m fairly young too, and I’m working on my first story. I don’t have instagram, but I’m willing to help you with your story.