Need a cover and art scenes? You're in luck! *CLOSED TEMPORARILY*


If you need any covers or art scenes for your episode I can do them any way you want.
Here are a few I’ve done if you want some examples…


OMG…I love your work. I really like the splash with the ink characters and the make holding the gun. Would you be able to recreate the same thing with my characters? I would want it to so “To be continued…”


I would love to :blush: just send me the characters in the desired outfits and background you want.


Hey, I was wondering if you could help me with some cover art as well! I could give you my number to contact you.


Are there certain poses you would like me to send my characters in?


Actually I would appreciate it if you could just message me through here. If you want you can set up a private conversation and we can discuss some details.


Hey there. I really love your work and it would be amazing if you could make me to be continued one:) (with characters)


Ok, I would like something similar to this picture but in HD.


Can you have the female at a talk_apathetic.
Male with idle_hold, then idle, and arms_crossed_angry
Everything else is up to what you want


I’ll see what I can do :grin:


I’d also like it to have a different background :slight_smile: thx!!


I love your artwork but I think I would like to be able to make my own, and would like to know how you make them, Because I love seeing these and would love to see my own as well.

If you could reply that would be amazing!


Sure, send me the desired poses in whatever background and outfit you choose.


You mean what I use to make these or would you like a time lapse video?


I will get right on that:)


Great, I’m excited to be working with you!


That would be amazing, because I’m wondering where you make them and how, so if you could answer those questions that would be great!


Well I use an app on my iPad called Procreate and I’ll see if I can send in some videos…



I might have it by tonight or tomorrow evening.