Need a cover and art scenes? You're in luck! *CLOSED TEMPORARILY*


Yeah, the rest have been for covers and splashes. On art scenes this is what I like to do


And just to put it here, I did this one for myself


@Ellelou14 I also wanted to let you know that I made it wide enough for two zones so it should be 1280x1136


Thanks that’s absolutely fine.


Ok I thought I should let you know


It doesn’t matter anyway. It’s amazing and so are you. Definitely gonna want more in the future from you cause that’s talent right there. Xx


I look forward to working with you in the future


@Aerial_author now has a new cover and I’m really proud of this one


Omg that looks flipping amazing thanks you so much


No problem, just let me know if there are any complications.


Will do


Okay so I’m gonna take my art scene off your plate for now because I’m gonna try to make it myself because I’ve been practicing lately :grin: