Need a cover art and splashes

Can someone create a cover art for me as well as splashes? I don’t want a workshop, I’d rather have someone contact me on my socials to discuss the details, would totally appreciate it and give full credit!


Hiya! :sparkles:

I sadly can’t make covers, but I would love to make your splashes! :relieved:

That would be great! can we discuss it on my ig?

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Yeah sure! Mine is @epipure_rebel

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If anyone else knows how to create a cover art please let me know asap! thank you

I sent you a text! :slight_smile:

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I saw :hugs:

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I can make you a cover

That’s great! would you like to discuss over ig? if that’s possible?

I don’t use it but We can if that is better

Ya sure whatever works best for you! You can send me ur ig username here if you want

We have some artists available that would love to help you for free!
Just go to our shop here:

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My ig is lilit_episode

Thank you so much for the suggestion! I acc was able to request a character card! love their shop

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Hey, I can’t make splashes, but I can make covers. If you are interested , plz PM!