Need a Cover Art for my LDR Entry!

Hi, everyone. I’ve been in search for a digital artist that specializes in semi-realism for the longest (like CK_ArtDesign on Instagram) but I can’t find anyone! (Maybe I’m just picky) Can someone refer any artists with open commissions to me please? Or if you are one yourself please dm me. :frowning_face: I’m willing to pay. My ig: @EpisodeNaddy


You can check out epi._sunflowers on Instagram! There are some examples in the highlights of the work of the artists!

Hi!! I can do that for you!! Here are some examples

Prices have been lowered and I apply a discount if it’s your first order :hugs::heart:

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Hello there!
I’m a digital artist and maybe my art can work for what you’re looking for.
My commissions are currently open so feel free to check my Instagram highlights for pricing and more!
If you don’t use Instagram tell me and I’ll send the details here through message.
Thank you and have a great day!

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@Frey is a wonderful person! She is currentlty undergoing some payment issues with paypal, but after that is complete, I am sure that she would be happy to take you! Her prices are cheap and SO worth it!!

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