Need a Cover Artwork 📖

I’m offering my paid services for anyone who needs cover art for their episode stories:

Examples of my work:

I have done graphic art for almost 3 years and still improving my skills, my services are depend on how much detail you wanting it to be.

Also know that’s 3d Model art not drawing art!!
I can’t draw to save my life lol :joy:

Take note that this takes a lot of work to do so please be patient with me I do a lot of things outside of Episode.

Once I give you your cover artwork tag me on your Episode or my Instagram: @spentacular_designs
To help me get noticed.

And if anyone takes credit for my work and tries to steal it federal charges will be file


Hey. Do you have any video examples of your work? They look great but just wanted to see if they aren’t AI generated

Nope they are all 3d model digital artwork not A.I in anyway it takes some time making one and then photoshop it to add extra details.

May I know your pricing? They look amazing!!

I would state it some where that it’s 3D modeling and not drawing then so people don’t get confused since they are two different things. I’ve always wanted to learn 3D modeling since I’m a graphic designer myself but I’ve never been able to really figure out.

It’s not easy it took me sometime to figure out how to do it and their are a lot of excellent 3d modeling artists out their but I am a very good 3d modeling digital artist and improving my skills