Need a cover ASAP


Hey all,
I hope everyone is well :smile:
I have been trying to look for someone to make an episode cover for me for more than two weeks now (as usual I WILL give credit in my story.) Unfortunately, I haven’t found anyone and most people have their requests closed at the moment.
I need one ASAP for my story as I have already delayed too much.
It would be absolutely amazing if someone could lend me a hand and help me with my Episode cover by editing!

Thank you all :heart:


If you want I could try


I want to gain experience and if you don’t want it then just don’t use it and tell me if it needs more editing


Thank you so much for actually taking the time to reply. I have to warn you though, my background is quite extravagant and maybe hard to put the extra details in.


I’m up for the challenge so what’s the details for it


I will message you privately :smiley:


send me the details too


can you invite me too the chat


Hey, I can make a cover for your story if you want! :wink:
Just go to my Instagram and fill out the form that is on my Instagram bio!
I also make backgrounds, splashes and overlays!
Here are some examples:

More examples on my Instagram: daniepisodewriter

Dani :black_heart: