Need a cover asap!

I’m making a story on my main acc (IsabelleMia), if youre able to make a cover, i would very much appreciate it! Thanks x

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I created a link yesterday where I create covers, here’s an example:

I also have a google forms sheet which you can fill out
Hope this helps!

Here’s the link to the google forms sheet:

Hey, I’m making a story and I could use cover art for it. If it’s okay with you could you help out? I will give you credit in my story.

Heya! I can’t make covers but I could make some cool splashes if you want for ur story! Check out this thread for more info:

Hey, I’m writing a story called “trust” and it’s about this girl has to join her dads gang members to torture someone and she’s scared

Sure!! Just complete the Google Form sheet and if you need characters, post them on my thread:

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