Need a cover both small and large ASAP!

I would b really grateful to anyone who helps me. I will send details of my story when an artist has come forward :blush:

Hey! I can’t do edits but I would recommend that if nobody volunteers to make one for you that you should go onto an open art shop and request one from there, as you will get a quick response (depending on which you choose) and they will know exactly what you are looking for <3

Thank you but I have an artist already but I might use art shops later on :slightly_smiling_face:

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Alright, I hope I could help! Good luck with your story (:

Just asking, is yours ink?


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OOF, I love ink! I was gonna show you some of my examples I can do :joy:

I would say yes but someone is already doing it for me sorry, thank you anyway

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