Need a cover for a LL story

I need both a small and large cover for a new story I have written (I’ve written 2 and a half episodes so far, and have a plan for the rest of the third episode however am planning ahead as it takes time for covers to be made, reviewed etc.). Because of this, there really is no rush! I honestly wouldn’t mind waiting a few weeks for it to be done if anyone interested is busy or anything comes up.

Honestly, It’s really up to you the pose of the characters, feel free to surprise me and do what you feel you like to do, or try something new in making this.

If anyone is interested, reply to this thread and I will dm you the character details, title, background and any other info you need.

Thank youu <3


Hey! You can definitely search up some open art shops to request a cover in! My art shop is open and you can find my examples on there. You can find my shop by clicking on my profile. You will find in the featured topic.

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Okay, thank you!

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Heyy I do say scenes and everything for free so if u want you can pm me for my examples and I might be able to help u

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Okay, thanks I’ll dm you!

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