Need a cover for contest!

Hello everyone!
I’ve been reading episode a looooong time now :joy: and recently I’ve decided to take a go at writing stories I’ve published one story and decided I would give this contest a go! I’m looking for a proof reader and a cover maker which will do a cover! I will obviously give you the credits and everything! If someone’s interested please reply to this message Or dm me on Instagram- VickyWrites.Episode
THANK YOU :heart::heart::heart:

It would be great if someone did it in 1-2 days <3

I’d like to help.

Editted or Drawn?

Okay do you have an Instagram to contact?

I actually don’t mind :joy::heart:

No, I don’t… Sorry.

If you still need someone, I can do an edited one. Just let me know the details. @laurellee27_episode