Need a cover for fantasy story



Hey everyone! Can someone create a cover for me? I’m not sure how to make a cover. Any help is greatly appreciated!

My Story: Alternate Reality
Genre: Fantasy
Characters: Limelight

I included the link below if you wanted to check out my story and see what my characters look like.


Well you have come to the right place. Lots of artist here. I can tag a few for you if you’d like.


Yes please and thank you so much!


I am artist :3 Want a cover ?


Yes please! Is there anything I can do to help making the cover an easier process?


Here are a few!


The last 2 are art groups…


Just PM me with a very detailed description of how you want it (what the characters looks like, the ambiant, the colors, the font for the title and the author’s name etc)
Oh and here is some of my art for you to see how I draw :


Damn! This reminds of of a manga I used to read. Loved her work because it was creepy and dark looking but I just loved the colors


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