Need a cover for my first story


So looking for someone to create a cover for my Limelight story through your eyes. I am undecided about what I want though. I dunno wheather to have it the same as my ink one but with the limelight characters or something different. If anyone interested let me know. TIA
This is the Ink cover


So u want it something like that?


Yeah I think so. I can send the character details.


Sure :blush:


Male MC
Body: copper 03
Brow: straight medium, chestnut
Hair: slicked back solid
Eyes: male deep sunken, ice blue
Face: male generic
Nose: grecian narrow
Lips: medium heart, rose light nude matte

Female MC
Body: neutral 03
Brow: Arched thin high, light brown
Hair: short wavy sombre, light brown
Eyes: female generic, emerald green
Face: diamond
Lips: small heart, and peach gloss
I don’t mind of you wanna be more creative lol but there eyes are important with ink you barely see them so if there was a way to make em bolder that would be fantastic


Alright :blush:


Thank you so much


What is the hair color of the male maincharacter?


sorry its chestnut


Alright thanks :blush:


What is the authors name?



Your request is complete :blush:;


Feel free to tell me if u want anything changed :blush: (I put the author as Sarah since I looked for your story on the app)


thank you sorry i was so engrossed with writing.


It’s alright :blush:


this is perfect it is soooo much better then i would have come up ith


Thanks I tried my best :grin:


well i love it thank you. do you have instagram? so i can credit your work


Unfortunately I don’t have Instagram


ok no problem. i can just your forum name. if thats ok?


Yea that’s ok