Need a cover for my sisters story

My sister is making a episode story but she cant sign up for episode forums because her Email wont work.
Can somone help me make her a cover for her story please?

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Let me know and I can help :blush:
Character Details:
Any background in mind:
Any words on the photo:
What style it is:
When you need it:
What pose:

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Ok so the details are… vvv
Brow:Soft Angled
Hair:High Ponytail fawn
eyes:Upturned Bold
face:Soft Heart
Nose:Soft Natural
Lips:Classic bubblegum pink

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Can I get like a girl looking at a reflection of herself like one side is a nerd and the otherside a popular girl?

The popular clothes is

And theNerd is

You forgot the eye color.

I can make one! You don’t have to use it though

Omg my name is Katie

What? Lmao

What’s the name of the story?

The eye color is brown

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Well her name is katelyn but we call her katie

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Fill this out so it is more organized for the part where it asks for how to get a hold of you put you name on forums and list all the character details that you want on the cover like
Hair color:
Eye color:
Lip color:
Face shape:


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I submited a request


Thank you so much! She loves it!

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No problem Tell her I said good luck on the story!