Need a cover for my story. App recommendations?

So, I want to do an edit for my story that I’m in the progress of creating, but the problem is idk any apps i could use. I use a microsoft 10 laptop idk that type of laptop-y stuff thing so plz downgrade you bright, genius minds for me. I want an app that’s full-on free (not necessarily just not like a 3- free day trial app, u know an app you can use for as long as you want but it can cost money for stuff like idk cool stuff, not confusing at all, and is episode edit/drawing/cover thing recommended. Thx for reading and I’ll be rlly happy if you respond!! :heart::heart::sparkles:

Hi I have a windows computer and use
Power point
Ibis X

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  • Paint tool Sai
  • Photoshop
  • Procreate

(These all include payments thought ^__^)

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