Need a cover for my story urgently

Hi, so for all those cover artists out there this is an emergency…I’ve been needing one for ages but no one is getting me any so please please please help me out.
It’s called twin trouble.
It’s about to twins going through hard times but loads of things happen along the way.
I would like them to be back to back and look a bit menacing. Don’t mind what background

It would be so kind and totally amazing if you could do this for me by like two days time but anytime is fine…if your quick. And I’ll credit you into my story for making the cover
Beanie24 :kissing_heart:

@appleqrl may be able to help out :blush:

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Thanks for recommending me!

Thank you so much it’s great for people to be helping me out

I could too!

Can you request from Artistic angels please! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::wink:

I’d love to help! (I’m also really bored)

I’ve looked at your art and your amazing

Who are you talking to. I’m confused. :joy:

Thanks love to hear it. It’s great to get people involved

You, you’re really good. I wish I could draw like that

Aww thanks. I’m sure your amazing too.
I just want to know who you are picking for the art.
@Florpetal07 is spectacular too.
It’s going to be a hard decision.

Do you want a drawn cover?

Umm… maybe I really don’t know what would you recommend

I could maybe get both of yours and decide but I don’t mind if you don’t want to do that

No I could do it!
But maybe @Florpetal07 prefers to do it.

Well I don’t know if this is to much to ask of you both but you could maybe both do one and I can take it from there but I understand if you guys don’t feel like doing that

I’m down to do it.
What I’m saying is that maybe @Florpetal07
Should do it instead of me.
I mean she is a way better artist.

Okay if you say so but it was nice talking to you anyway and you are great at art. But is @Florpetal07 still up to doing it ?

Aww… thanks :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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