Need a Cover for my story

Hey there! I’m entering the Dirty Dancing contest and in need of a cover! If anyone is interested plz reply! Thanks

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Raven hood can if we can’t help I suggest a member from episode nigra

send the deatils here

This is my main character

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Do you want her in that background and what is the author name and title

I would like her with him as well, I would (if possible) like him holding her and the it should be danced theme, genre- drama
And author name is XxElitexX
Thank you so much❤️

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do you have them in there pose and also do you have him in a pose and do you have a background you want

Boy- flirt_wink_at_camera
Girl- idle_armscrosses_shiftyeyes

Background not sure, I’ll let u pick if if u can

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Do you have them in that pose if not can you send me







Hope this is good

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Thank you I be done soon what is the title

Him and I, tnx so much again
How would u like to be credited?

You can look at our request thread and pick a style you like

If you want to credit us you can we just doing it to help out the community if you want to credit us Credit us on Instagram epy.ravens

No problem :heart: When will you be done?

Its 12:46 am for me so maybe tommorow or in 3 hours

hey its me whats the title and do you want a splash

A splash for the intro warning would be nice!
Title- Him and I

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With no title

yea no title x

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I mean characters lol