Need a cover for story (:

Yo friends. so i need a cover for my story its called “a year in hell”, i made a blue print of what i want
(yes i know its bad…) so i need it to be neatly done and add the story title where i marked the box (in like a cooooolllll font, please show me the font before if u can.)
if you can just pm me or comment here and ill pm u the characters and the background.
Thanks love uuuu :heart: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::kissing_heart::speak_no_evil:

edit: for the guy behind the sofa (with the filming animation), just cut him in half to make him fit or like make an overlay… im sure u know how to do it :blush: :kissing_heart:

Do you want it edited?


You can put the details on my thread and I would gladly do it for you:

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Should i send the screenshots here or at the link?? and can i credit you at the end of every chapter? and please tell me the username that ill credit and on what platform (e.g: @zoe.exe on IG) Sorry that im so serious about this hahah

You can put them on the link,
you can credit me however you want I don’t mind.:blush:

You can say credit goes to @loubna_chamas