Need a cover for ur story or a splash?(Will be done asap)

Welcome my lovleys!

Need a splash or a cover? I’m happy to help.

If others want they can join my group and help





I made this for kc&Emily, go check out their story!

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sory i was editing my post.xx

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A Dark Passion isn’t out yet lol, but thank you! It should be out on Sunday!


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Yes I would like a cover!
Should I send the details?

Yes plz!

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They are the main character.

Luca: with the black jacket
Skin color: honey
Face shape: chiseled square
Hair: cropped : fawn
Eyebrown: thin arch
Nose: button
Eyes: Classic round: brown
Lips: uneven: taupe

Amara: the girl
Skin color: honey
Face shape: soft heart
Hair: straight: black
Eyebrown: seductive arch
Nose: perky
Eyes: uptorned bold: white
Lips: full round: red

Caner: with the blue blouse
Skin color: honey
Face shape: chiseled square
Hair: spiked up hair: black
Eyebrown: medium Sharp
Nose: strong
Eyes: Classic round: brown
Lips: uneven: taupe

I want the girl between the boys and in the hands of the boys a gun and tattoo and the girl confident. A night background and the name of the story is btw dangerous women.

I hope it’s clear and I hope I gave all the information you need.

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You did thnx.Should be ready by tomorrow or sunday!xxx

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Thank you! :heartbeat:

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Hi I would love a cover art and splash! Should I send a PM?

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Just send it here!

I need 3 splashes, can I message you the details?

Yep just send it

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The 1st One:
Says: This story uses Sound
2nd One
Says: Contains Mature themes and Strong language
3rd one
Says: Choices Matter and have consequences
Skin Copper 01
Eyebrows: Arched Natural Deep Brown
Hair Long High Pony Dark Brown
Eyes Deepset Downturned Brown Dark
Face Diamond Long
Nose Defined Natural
Lips Small Heart Peach Matte

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Any poses or outfits?

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Do you mind what outfits there wearing?xx

Oh wait

I don’t mind! You have full creative rein!

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