Need a cover for ur story or a splash?(Will be done asap)

Also what is ur story mainly about?Just give me a brief description plz!xx

I don’t mind how they pose and i would like the background to be an alleyway.
My story is about a famous girl called Cassandra and a poorish boy called Ethan. Ethan saves Cassandra from a creep during a night out. He saves her in an alleyway. After that they become close. My story is called Rich meets Poor.

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hey I forgot to ask, but do you have a name that I can credit you for your splashes in my story?

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Just do ellennnn😂

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@Sydney thread is still in wrong category :heart:

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No problem i can wait! thanks for telling me :slight_smile:

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Hey! Hows the cover going?

Good should be done by the end of today!xx

okay x

Hiiiii! I’m sorry if i seem pushy but i am going to have to ask if the cover is done yet. I really need it done! Sooooorrrrryyyy!!!:grimacing:

Anyone doing splashes or covers…? :hugs::cherries:

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Hi i was just wondering if you could make three splashes please?

Turn up your volume
You have full creative control over it and i don’t mind what background you use.

Splash -2
End Of Episode.
Again you have full creative control and i don’t mind what background you use either.

Splash -3
This story contains mature themes and strong language.
You also have full creative control and again i don’t mind what background you use.

Character details:

Female (Ink)
Skin Tone - Tan
Eyebrows - Seductive Arch
Hair Color - Black
Hairstyle - Beach waves
Face Shape - Oval
Eye Shape - Upturned Bold
Eye Color - White
Nose - Soft Natural
Lip Shape - Blossom
Lipstick - Bubblegum Pink

I don’t mind what animations you use
And take as much time as you need I’m in no rush.

Thank you x

I was wondering if you could make me three splashes please. (LL) :hugs:

Turn up your volume
Where you can get creative but for you to use a blue colour palette
As long as you can use my personal self in this one where I will link a photo at the bottom :slight_smile:

Splash -2
End Of Episode.
Where you can do what your heart desires as long as it’s fitting with the blue colour palette
And I would love to include my two main characters like in the rain if possible? ( I will add their details at the bottom) :blush:

Splash -3
This story contains mature themes and strong language.
For this one I’d love my personal self character to be like shooshing someone aka looking forward with her finger pointed over her mouth if u get the pose. (like the pretty little liars pose). And aswell for it to be a blue colour palette. :point_up:

These characters for second splash:

Body, neutral 02
Brow, arched natural, deep brown
Hair, long wavy parted hair, platinum white
Eyes, round downturned wide, brown dark
Face, diamond defined contour
Nose, defined natural
Lips, full heart pouty, pink beige gloss

Body, neutral 04
Brow, straight medium, deep brown
Hair, tousled loose curls long, dark brown
Eyes, deepest downturned, brown dark
Face, square jaw round cheek stubble
Nose, straight narrow
Medium heart, beige deep natural

My episode self for 1st and 3rd

I don’t mind when they are done by :slight_smile: – EM

Yeah I would like a cover done please
So can it be like 2 girls back to back with each other one slightly faded?
characters are same person just different sides:
Non-faded one;
Scin colour: fair
Brow: defined natural
Hair: beach wave
face: soft heart
nose: soft natural
lips: blossom lips
Slightly faded one;
Same but this one has bat wings & black werewolf ears

They are both in INK version
And the story’s name is “A demon’s love”

-Let me know if something was unclear or you need anything else , Maggie

Hiiiii Ellennnn! I haven’t heard from you in a couple of days and i was wondering how the cover is going? Thxs!

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I’m so so sooo sorry I’ve been away without the internet and wasn’t able to let anyone know!I’ve taken so long and I’ll be home tomorrow so hopefully your cover will be done tomoz.Once again so so sorry!xx

Will get started tomoz!xx

I will get started tomoz!xx

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I will get started tomorrow!xx