Need a cover for ur story or a splash?(Will be done asap)



I know it’s taken a while a I’ve been away without the internet!I’ve drawn it and just need to add the title and background.You should get it by the end of the day!xx


Everyone this thread is closed f because I have exams, basically I will finish the requests I said I’d do but covers will take longer then said, splashes will be done in a couple days at most.




Hey! Your splashes are really nice, could I get one… if yes here are details-

Kind Of Splash- Sound
Writing- This Story Includes Sound Please Turn Up Your Volume
Font- A cute bad-ass font - color - black
Characters- None

In the middle of the background-

Thanks So Much,
Love Amelia


Hi is there any progress on the cover?


Hi I haven’t heard back from you should I not expect the cover? I just don’t want to be rude if I go ask someone else and you made one too


she has exams😊 so ithe thread is closed for a few days


um im confused lol


So am I


Hey, I’m just asking about my cover, I know your probably busy but how’s it going?


she has EXAMS


she’ll be back in a few weeks