*need a cover?* FREE covers and more By: Nor

Hi! I first want to say your art is GORGEOUS! I was wondering if it is possible for you to create a cover (big and small) for me in LL? I made one but it’s not that great LOL. I want the same design, but just edited/drawn better.

I would recommend you selling your artwork rather than giving it out for free, especially because of the high quality of your work, which more than likely requires more time to make. It also limits people asking for art, using up your time and then them never using it. This is more a recommendation than forcing someone to do something. Your art is very beautiful, and I believe you can venture out of Episode and still succeed.

Hi @Nor your art looks amazing and I’d like to request so I’ve saved this for a while but do you mind tagging me when available? Tysm :blush::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hi are you still doing free covers?
I’ve seen your art and it’s so beautiful it’s one of the best art I’ve ever seen.

If you are still doing covers I could give you a summary and description of the cover.

Hi I just saw @/nor hasn’t been active on forums since November 2020 so they probably aren’t taking art requests anymore :))