Need a Cover? (Only Published)

                    Milki's Spam Free Cover Thread


I’ll need ALL the information of the cover. I’m not doing the digging.
Your story MUST be published. I don’t want to waste my time. Almost every author never finishes their story and wastes an artist’s time.
I will ONLY take two requests at a time. No more will be accepted until I finish both.

Extra Information:

I’m not needing anything in return for this, so DON’T steal.
I TRUST that you’ll be able to put all your information into one reply because I don’t like crowded threads.


Waiting List:

1. @rene_writes
2. @VickyWrites


I messaged you

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I’m in need of a new cover for my story (published) if you’re still accepting requests! :blush:

Title: The Years We Lost
Author: rene_writes

Character details:


Poses: something like this

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awesome! i’ll get it done asap!

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Hello can I request? :slight_smile::grin:

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Thank you so much!! :blush::two_hearts:

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yes as long as it’s published!

Yes it is :yum:

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awesome you can send me the details