Need a cover opinion

Hi, I have just finished my first story cover and I need a honest opinion



It looks great. You did a good job on it, But the shading doesn’t really stand out, especially on the hair and face.

I’m not very good at shading :joy::joy: I have just started

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This is so good! I really like it. :+1:

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Ooh the girl looks so cute! :heart_eyes: (I mean not exactly cute cuz she’s holding a gun but you get what I mean :sweat_smile:) You’ve done a great job! Maybe you should make the title a little more visible though? It’s kinda camouflaging with the background

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I think it’s a great cover I’m not that great at art but I still think it’s amazing :hugs::hugs::hugs:

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Wow. When starting it’s really hard to find a Style and it looks like you found it already! That’s amazing. (Been trying to find mine for 6 months now :joy:)
I’m sure there could be lots of more shading to go with it but like you said your new so I understand that. But it looks good!

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Thank you

Wow that is so good! Did you draw it yourself?

It look very nice!

I just looked for an easy pose on the internet

Wait, you did a pose? Can you send me that?

I don’t have the picture anymore but I can try to find it

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It looks amazing!!

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