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Lol I’m not interested but I would like to see your examples please? :grin:

Hi! I’m a new author and I was wondering if you would be able to make me a cover?
My Story Title: Living A Nightmare
Basic Story Description: MC goes to college and finds her life complete turned around because of a certain someone
Amt. Of Characters: 2
Character Details:
Body- Tan
Brow- Seductive Arch
Hair- Black Beach Waves
Eyes- Auburn Upturned Luxe
Face- Soft Heart
Nose- Upturned
Lips- Scarlet full round
Body- Honey
Brow- Thin Arch
Hair- Black Pompadour
Eyes- Blue Deepest Piercing
Face- Chiseled Square
Nose- Button
Lips- Terracotta Smirk
I was wondering if you would be able to make the girl the main focus and the guy over her left shadow in the distance?

Totally. What would you like the poses to be?

Should I make the man “Blush” in the background, and the girl like “Flirt_wink”? Just an idea.

Here is a cover I made for my story:

I was thinking the girl winking, and the guy with his arms crossed and having sort of an angry expression.

Okay! I’ll get right on that.
I’ll have it to you as soon as I can!

what are they wearing?

Do you do the large covers or just small?

Ill do either. I just am bad with sizes so you would have to give me them, sorry xx

size is 962x642


Body neutral 02

Brows arched natural scar (black dark)

Hair Long Wavy Parted (black dark)

Eyes Deepset Downturned (blue aqua)

Face diamond defined contour

Nose defined natural

Lips full heart pouty (red deep gloss)


Tanktopbasicshort cotton neutral white

Birds in flight tattoo

(PP) oversize denim pants denim light blue

Ringed long chain necklace metal silver

Tribal sleeve tattoo

Flat lace up sneakers canvas grey black

Tied flannel jacket flannel black



Body gold 02

Brow arched medium (light brown)

Hair messy undercut (light brown)

Eyes deepset downturned lidded (green emerald)

Face triangle chiseled scruffy beard

Nose Grecian narrow

Lips thin heart (pink beige matte)


Muscle shirt short sleeve swoopneck neutral white

Skinny jean torn rolled cuff denim grey black

Zipperchest jacket leather red auburn

Studded metal rimmed earring metal grey black

Sneaker rubber sole canvas grey black



body copper 03

brow straight medium scar (dark brown)

hair slick back solid (dark brown)

eyes deepset downturned (grey cool)

face square defined

nose grecian narrow

lips full heart natural (tan deep gold)


Boots rugged leather black

Button up rolled up sleeves tucked cotton grey black

Collared school jacket button up cotton neutral grey dk

Belted leather casual slacks corduroy grey black

Studded metal rimmed earring metal red true

Incognito sunglasses grey black plastic


Character 1 (female) is making out with character 2 with the male facing rear

Character 3 is standing in the distance a little bit arms crossed and angry staring at them.

Background preference is something that looks date-like.

okay ill get right on that!

what is the stories name an authors name? I’m almost done just need to add that.

Title: The President’s Daughter
Author: Adelaide

Thank you! I’ll have it to you by the end of today!!
Alright I PMed you.