Need a cover or original art for your story ? - Little artist at your service!


Hello there fellow Episode people :purple_heart:
My name is Louise (or Bunny, my nickname) and I’m an artist who’s ready to take commissions whenever you want, if you need a cover for a story, original art, banners etc. It would be my pleasure to do that for you ! :purple_heart:
However, my services have a price, so don’t hesitate to PM me if you wanna know my commission prices !
Here are some of the most recent drawings I did, and the cover of my new story, O Negative that I did all by myself (and I am proud :blush: ) !


That art is amazing! CAN I REQUEST. :star_struck:


Yes, of course ! PM for any information :heart:




Dang, I’d request but I can’t pay money…


Yep. I’m completely broke


I love your art. It’s so nice!


WOW omfg :clap:t2::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Thank you ! ^^


Can you teach me or give me tips


Ow, I’m a really bad teacher tbh ^^’
But here’s some random tips :

  • Never use too vivid colors or really sparingly
  • Learn anatomy before anything else, it’s really important
  • Most importantly : Do what you love !!


Those are!!! bomb .com!! May I ask what you use btw?


I use Paint Tool Sai, and GIMP for editing :'3


So aesthetic, I’m in love :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


It should be worth like 1k each.


Much talent.