Need a cover or splash! Rahdia's edit shop is here! (OPEN)



Do you need a cover or splash?
Let me know! My art my not be all that good but hey who’s is? BTW I’m still learning lol! we’re all ametures in something!
Just fill out this form⤵️

Here’s dome examples that I’ve done:

Altering Backgrounds
New Splashes here!
Combining Limelight Features With Ink
Anyone taking cover/backrounds Requests?
Cover art needed! Please help me :)

Good job, these are great!


Thank you!


More art coming soon!



filled out the form <3


Ok! I’ll check it out!


filled one<3


I’ll get to your soon!


New splashes coming soon!
Here’s a sneak peak of what’s to come!


Just submitted a form!


Ok! I will it out!
I am working on it right now!


Hi! I finished it! I hope you like it!

Be sure to credit me in your story!


Thank you so much! Loove it! <3


HERE is a sneak peak:


So I need 2-4 splashes, backgrounds and overlays please


Um I need one cover that say this story uses sound, another that says episode 1 - 2 -3 -4 etc, another one that is end credits and another that says please go view my other stories.

Can one be a galaxy design, another one a star design , another one a water design and for the music one you put headphones or something please
Thank you


What exactly do you want on the covers?
Like your character etc.?


Its actually a splash


No characters and I wrote all the description in the first message


Ok np