Need A Cover Please

Hello There! I’m in need of a cover art for my upcoming story. It’s called Where Did It Go Wrong?

The details for the girl are:
-Hair Dark Black Over Shoulder Braid
-Eyebrow Arched Thin Black
-Face Shape Heart Soft
-Eyes Female Generic Ice Blue
-Nose Round Button
-Lips Full Heart Pouty Peach Gloss
-Skin Color Neutral 01


The Guy’s Details are:

-Skin Color Copper 03
-Eyes Male Generic HAZEL
-Nose Straight Pointed
-Face Shape Male Generic
-Lips Medium Straight Natural Neutral Medium Nude Gloss
-Hair Medium Taper Wavy Black Dark
-Eyebrows Straight Medium

I would very much appreciate if anyone could do this for me.
Also, I will shoutout the person and If they’d like to be a character in the story!

Thank you for your time,

Gemini :heart::heart::heart:


ALSO The pose could be the two…

  • hugging

  • Back to Back

  • Or a Polaroid of them smiling together

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we can help u. Put yr request in the thread.

u can send the link there instead of typing it over, or u can copy and paste it there.

Okay! Thank you so much!