Need a Cover? Request One Here ~•OPEN•~

hey everyone! so i recently got into making covers for my upcoming story and I think they came out pretty good

disclaimer: the story is NOT actually about suicide and does not encourage it in case anyone was wondering.

if anyone wants me to make one for them, fill out the form below :blush: :arrow_down_small:

name of story:
story genre:
size of cover (small, large, or both):
character(s) description (hair, eyes, etc.):
character(s) outfit:
character(s) pose:
story style:
any text you want on the cover:

anyone who wants one, feel free to submit a request! :smile:


Hi here is my info : :blush:
name of story: Tales of Shakti
author: Priya
story genre: Fantasy
size of cover (small, large, or both): Both
character(s) description (hair, eyes, etc.):

character(s) outfit: Pink Sari
character(s) pose: If you can, have her aiming with a bow and arrow. If you can’t do that, then just show her making a very determined face.
story style: Ink
any text you want on the cover: The name of the story and my author name (Tales of Shakti by Priya)
background: Jungle, specifically the Georgia Marshy Landscape from episode if you can.

Thank you so so much in advance :blush:

I’ll grt started on it now! It should be done by later today :grin:

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all done! :smile:

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wow omg this is incredible!! one small request (if you can do it it’s okay if you don’t want to) do you think you could make her look a little bit darker so she looks more of indian ethnicity? apart from that it’s perfect and incredible! thank you so so so much!!

yeah no problem :slight_smile:

is this better?


OMG this is perfect thank you so so much :blush:

btw, when i upload it your name crops out but at the start of the story I’ll credit you tysm <3

no problem! im glad u like it :):grin:

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These are so good!

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thank you! :blush:

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what do you use to edit btw?

i use these apps called enlight and photofox and photoshop express.

I would like a cover pls that looks like a darkness orb saying rebaluous Magic high dangling from snapping ropes if that’s possible if it’s to difficult that’s fine

that’s not too hard. I’ll get started now!

I’m really sorry about that I can change it if u like I’m really sorry I’ll give a really big thanks to u for doing that I can make u a character in my story

it’s no big deal really! :blush:


np :slight_smile: