Need a cover 🥰

Hi! I had a story abandoned in my drafts, it has 5 chapters already but I got bored and decided not to continue. Today, I re-read it and I thought I’ll give it a go and post the 3 first chapters to see if people like it.
The sotory is about Ana; This girl lost his brother, who died in their parents wedding in hands of someone. The police closed the case considering it a suicide, and the private investigator her parents hired seems to think Ana is guilty. She does not approve this and she’ll try to find out who killed his little brother Matthew. In this adventure, Ana will find clues,n love, trouble, obstacles, and… Maybe an answer? Depens on you.
This is the principal character:

And as the LI ahave full CC (so does the MC) I prefer them not to appear.
Her little brother Matthew is this;
And the background could be something like this (as he dies in the ocen, drowned)

For any more information needed, please, tell me! I’ll of course give credit :heart:. I just suck at making covers…

I can help, but could you please give me some more details?

Here’s a link to my shop, there you can find a list of information I need for making a cover. (Category: Cover —> Description Example)