Need A Cover! 👍



I need a cover. Sort of like this style (bff edit):

It’s for my story:

The Business

Title: The Business

Genre: Comedy


Willow didn’t get accepted into any of the colleges she applied to. Neither did her group of friends. They founded a pet-sitting/baby-sitter Business. What happens when it becomes a worldwide success, colleagues date co-workers, and their boss betrays them?

Please reply with examples of interested!


Episode Frost can!


I can possibly help


That’d be great! Any examples?


Sure! Any examples?



Here’s one I made


Totally! (They might not be in the style that you want so I won’t be offended if you don’t want it done by me)


That’s okay!



I love your examples! They’re exactly what I was looking for :grin:


Alright! Thank you! You can go ahead and pm me with the details!




Hey! I was wondering if ur still gonna pm me? If not, that’s okay too!


Sorry, was doing other things! Mind if I send it tomorrow?


That’s fine!